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Friday, October 24, 2014

It's been four or five years since I bought my current longarm and I really needed to update photos of my toys. So this week I've been taking pictures, trying to "update" my photo journal. (I've done this throughout the house. It really doesn't take long and I'm hoping it will make it easier to replace our things if we ever have a fire. We keep a copy of the digital photos online and in a fireproof box.)
Since I was taking pictures, I thought I'd share my longarm room and toys with you.
(Please note I have a bit of a ruler fetish. You would think I'd regret having so many, but I don't, not for a minute!!) My biggest regret is not buying some rulers I wanted before a certain company went out of business!

These orange "circle" longarm rulers are my all-time favorite circle rulers, from Off The Edge. They are so easy to use and fit in the hand nicely.

Here are a few more from Off-The-Edge. Fun stuff!
The top ruler top is Dawn Cavanaugh's ruler for cross-hatching. It's nice and long.
Not knowing which of DeLoa's applique rulers I would like best, I got them both to try.
(I really like the little oval one!) The idea is to guide your hopping foot with the ruler in one hand and the other hand guides the machine, holding onto the machine's handle bar.

Circles and ovals.

Nested circles and ovals. Not my favorite but they work!

More circles and ovals. (Enough, I'm not buying any more! LOL)

And yet here's more :(

DeLoa's Boomerangs, because they came so highly recommended.

And two sets of Rene's arcs in different sizes.

And I couldn't NOT get Ronda's arcs.
A few straight rulers. My favorite is the one from Plank Industries, the yellow one with the handle (far right, pictured above). My second favorite is DeLoa's Little One (bottom left, pictured above).
I don't use any of the ones above but can't part with any rulers ... EVER.
(Until I run out of room, that is!)
Then there's the Triple Play. Kinda like more circles though.

Terry Twist rulers.

Mindy's Angelic Swags.
Hearts from Deep Blue Templates I think. I cracked one good with my hopping foot!

Posies, tears, and petals from The Calico Kitten, because they were on sale.

Nautilus rulers from Quilter's Rule. Really Fun Stuff Here.

A Rope Tool from Quilter's Rule for borders/sashings.
Priced too nicely to pass up when another shop went out of business.
I admit it. Most of the rulers I don't use very often. Some I've never used.
But a girl never knows when she is going to need a ruler.
And I like to cover my bases ;o)
There's three other rulers I'm thinking of adding to my collection, soon I hope!!

These are some of my favorite marking tools, not meant to use with the machine but to use with a marking product like chalk. I use them with most custom quilts when marking the borders for quilting. I LOVE these two rulers, both from Quilter's Rule.

And a couple of stencil-type tools.
The clear-colored stencils are fabulous. They are Pam Clarke's "Design with Lines."
Must haves, in my book.

I store most of the rulers in these envelopes in a basket, marked with their contents to be able to find them quickly, or in the rolling cart in the middle shelf. The green plastic magazine holder is filled with smaller circles and ovals, and the yellow plastic magazine holder is filled with arcs. The top of the rolling cart holds my bobbin winder and all kinds of do-dads for long arming. The bottom is mostly for strips of batting that aid in advancing the quilt on the longarm, prewound bobbins, and some junk I can't part with.
These two large green tubs hold my own quilt tops that need to be quilted and also some leftover batting from my projects. Some packaged batting on the shelves. Two rolls of batting fit under my longarm on a metal roller and another two rolls of batting are stored close by.

A couple of large Rubbermaid boxes with lids hold my pantos, alphabetized. You can't see the dividers. It only takes a minute or two to find what which design I need. (Do you like my hot pink shoes? I get comments all the time, even my doctor -- that was kind of funny.)

The back of my frame. I have a large Uline Cadillac mat that goes back here on the floor but I moved it to the sewing room to see if I like it at my cutting/ironing station, and I do!! So I need to buy a short one for the sewing room and move my long one back where it belongs. My hubby built me that wooden rolling cart to store my Circle Lord boards in. It's very handy, the box.

My machine from the front. It's a Nolting 24 Pro with a stitch regulator.

A view of the frame from the front/side. I like to float quilts on the frame and if a quilt is too large, I don't want it on the floor so it goes in the long blue "hammock" that you see in the front of the frame. The hammock keeps the quilt off the floor, all nice and protected. The quilt that is on the frame is a little one, too small to need to be in the hammock.
And then there's my Circle Lord design templates that are great for modern quilting. (below) These templates can make lots of designs. I need to use them more!

That's about all there is to see of my longarm room. I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour.
We are off to Chaffee Boo Zoo with our daughter and grandson tonight.
It's supposed to be great weather and great fun. Enjoy your weekend!
Happy quilting everyone!


  1. wow! you do have a lot of tools!!! I think my fav is Deloa's appliquide.. I love it. i'm interested in your favorite circle rulers...i'll have to research those! thanks for sharing!!~~ i'm kinda jealous! lol

  2. Karen, you are so creative you probably don't need rulers :) I wish I had half your talent!!!

  3. I love seeing so many rulers at once and the organization of your quilting tools! (Wondering....Harbor Freight tool cart?)

    1. Yes, Dora, Harbor Freight! I love organization, if only I could be MORE organized :)


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