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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

There's something about October that I love. It might be that cooler weather is finally here and the promise of winter is around the corner. It's an added bonus that I love fall colors!!
Last week, my daughter invited me to the pumpkin patch with my little grandson. My little guy is sporting three stitches in his chin from a fall the night before, but he still had a good time picking his little and big pumpkins! He's amazed at his choice. He's pretty goofy and silly!

My choice was a Cinderella Pumpkin. The hot glue gun gave me a fantastic bubbly burn on two of my fingers when I was decorating the pumpkin. (Me and heat sources have never been friends.) The color of the pumpkin matches part of the slate in my backsplash -- totally unintentional but it makes me like it all the more.
I haven't been sharing many quilting pictures lately, mostly because I forget to take them. But here's a picture of the start of a little wall hanging I had the opportunity to quilt last week. The owner will be adding some embellishments to the centers. That will be a pretty addition!!
Gosh, October has been BUSY! When I wasn't looking, my other little grandson turned one. Time flies when you're a granny!! Here he is at his birthday party, cruising in his Little Coupe Fire Truck that grandma and grandpa gave him. Isn't he cute? I couldn't get my camera to engage in time for his beautiful smile with dimples. This boy has some dimples, you'll just have to believe me about that!
We are hoping to take the grandkids to the Chaffee Zoo, Boo Zoo event next week and I can't wait! We missed out last year because my knee was killing me. So far so good right now and I have my regular camera's batteries charged. I'm ready! :)
I hope you are enjoying your October with your family. Happy quilting!

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