Celtic Solstice Finish

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 17 day of the flu, I'm ready to be done with it! After five days straight of a fever, I went to the doctor Friday only to find I had a bad case of bronchitis, a sinus infection, pink eye (yuck!!!), an ear infection, and she thought I had pneumonia, too. Luckily, the chest x-ray came back okay, but I came home equipped with inhalers, eye meds, antibiotics, and cough medicine. DH got it about the same time and has been off work for the last four days, and he NEVER stays home sick. Our house is one big cootie! But I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel as I'm not coughing nearly as much and actually think I'm going to get through this!!!

I have one quilt that I promised would be done a couple of weeks ago. Since I quilt in the garage where its cold and aggravates my cough, I'm trying to get my coughing under before quilting so I can quilt some smooth lines instead jerking my machine all over the place. Instead of lying in bed (I have done plenty of that lately), I've been working on the Celtic Solstice and finally completed it. And tomorrow is going to be a long arm day!!!

When assembling the blocks for Celtic Solstice, I realized that coming up with a plan for pressing was important. Here's how I ended up pressing my blocks so that each 3 inch segment seam would interlock and butt nicely when the rows were joined. It worked out great.

I liked the progress to this point. It looks a bit like stained glass.

I picked up some fabric online at Thousands of Bolts at their year-end sale, back before the big reveal of Celtic Solstice, so I had no idea how I might use the fabric in the quilt. TOB had a few pieces from Garden Song fabric line left and I got a 1 yard piece of yellow, a 1 yard piece of pink, and 7 yards of blue for the backing. At first I thought the yellow would look good in the border. But. It. Does. Not. At this point, I'm really not up to unpicking nearly 300 inches of stitches (the quilt is 70 x 89) so I think the yellow stays.

Unless I get to feeling better before I quilt it and then I may rip it out. My other border choices would be medium blue or medium pink. What to do? Decisions, decisions!

A big thank you to Bonnie Hunter for putting on another great mystery quilt. I had a lot of fun and learned a couple of things too. Check out the progress others are making in their Celtic Solstice by hopping over to Bonnie's Blog. There's some really beautiful quilts to see!


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  2. Love your quilt! If you don't like the yellow, you can cut most of it off, leaving a small strip and than add another border. No unpicking needed that way!
    Elni Langeveld, the Netherlands

  3. Beautiful soft colours for your C S. Lovely.


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