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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some quilters participating in Bonnie's newest mystery have asked if there are any rulers they could use in place of the Tri-Recs for the block in clue #1, known as Peaky and Spike or Triangle in a Square. This block is a subunit in the block 54-40 or Fight. After a little research and finding that the Peaky and Spike angle is 53-1/2 degrees, I think I know why quilters have named the 54-40 or Fight block -- it must refer to 54 degrees. Interesting how the name of 54-40 or Fight block is named after American history!

Below is a rundown of some rulers that might be used in making a Peaky & Spike (P&S) or Triangle in a Square (TIS) block. I'm sure this is not a complete list. If you have a ruler and are curious as to whether it would work, print out a protractor on line and see if the angle is right.

Creative Grids makes a ruler called "Lazy Angle Ruler." This ruler will make a Peaky & Spike block and should work for clue #1. Creative Grids also makes a ruler specifically for a Storm at Sea quilt, the Creative Grids Storm at Sea Strip Ruler. It's a rather odd, large ruler and I can't see myself grabbing that ruler to use for the Triangle in a Square or Peaky & Spike block alone, but if you have one already, why not?

Marti Michell has a Storm at Sea template set that will work for clue #1. I wonder if her Sashing Stars set will also work? No idea but curiosity is going to get the better of me and I will probably call and ask! She also has Set R, Peaky & Spike, that finishes at 5 inches, which is far too large for Bonnie's clue #1 which finishes at 3 inches, but there is a way to make it work should you have that ruler set and the ability to print Bonnie's templates on paper. Marti has even more rulers that fit the bill. Her set #C has the pair of rulers that make a 3 inch TIS finished block and her set #D makes a 4 inch finished block. Either of those sets would work.

I found in my drawer of rulers a set of templates that I purchased long ago to make a Storm at Sea quilt (wow, I do not remember buying it -- how many of these rulers am I going to find I own??). The template set is by Doreen Speckmann and is called Peaky & Spike & Friends. There's lots of neat shapes in this set -- 12 templates in all. And two of them will work for clue #1 with a little help from Bonnie's printed templates.

Also I have a set of templates called "AnglePlay" by Miller Quilts, Inc. I found two sizes of templates that will work for clue #1 in those also. Again, Bonnie's printed templates would need to be used.

Here's a picture of the template Bonnie provides in clue #1.

Here's the Tri-Recs Tools and Marti Michells Set R of Peaky & Spike. Notice Marti's Peaky & Spike are the exact same shape but there are no reference lines. We need some reference lines to more easily use these rulers in clue #1 so I got out my rotary cutter and cut the templates Bonnie provided.

And taped them to the backside of the ruler. See how with the help of Bonnie's paper templates these rulers could easily be used for clue #1?

Here's the pile of AnglePlay Templates from Miller Quilts, Inc. There are lots of angles in these rulers -- I should use them some day! I had hoped I could find one template that would have the same angle as the Tri-Recs Tools and I found TWO!

A big one.

And a smaller one.

I taped on Bonnie's paper templates as a guide and would need to read the instructions on the AnglePlay templates to figure out how to cut the shapes, but I'm sure it could be accomplished.

Below is an example of a ruler that wouldn't work. Notice the different angles?

Below is my Peaky & Spike & Friends by Doreen Speckmann template set.

Inside is a nice booklet that shows lots of blocks that can be made with the set of templates. See the triangle block in the Storm at Sea and 54-40 or Fight block? These blocks use the Peaky & Spike or Triangle in a Square unit.

I located the Peaky & Spike templates in the set and taped on Bonnie's paper templates and they, too, would work.

Maybe you have something in your arsenal of rulers that would work in place of the Tri-Recs? I should really look in my stash before I buy any more rulers. Apparently in the past I have bought rulers like I buy thread and fabric!


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