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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I have been wanting a beautiful wood quilt hanger for the longest time. After browsing the internet yesterday, in between quilting time, I found a design I felt I could make myself and one that would work throughout my house.

DH and I had a treat last night at Cold Stone and lo and behold, he found himself shopping the isles of Lowes. Not what he had bargained for! We spent $6 on plastic baseboard and a couple of dollars on nuts and bolts.

This morning DH went to announce games at Miracle League and I set out to make my hanger.

After measuring the width of my small wall hanging (23 inches), I added an extra four inches to the measurement (27 inches) and made two 27 inch cuts out of the baseboard material and sanded the cut edges smooth.

Then I taped the two boards together with blue painters tape and marked in from the edge 3-1/2 inches and 3/4 inch down from the top.

Drilling from front to back, I made holes big enough for the bolts to fit through.

After removing the painter's tape, I added the nuts and bolts, tightened them a little, slipped the quilt between the two pieces of baseboard material, and gave a good tightening to the bolts to firmly hold the quilt binding that was sandwiched between the baseboards.

As you can see, this plastic-type baseboard material is going to need some touch-up, but I was planning to spray paint the hanger if I liked how it turned out.

Lastly, I added a small picture hanger to the back, after marking the center. ( I don't think a small picture hanger will do the trick for a larger quilt, but this quilt is on the small side and it seems to be holding nicely so far.)

And hung it on my wall.

I'm happy with the results so I'm going to buy some spray paint and another couple of plastic baseboards (I love that they are so lightweight!) and make some more quilt hangers. The next quilt I want to make one for is 48 inches wide and it will be the test to see if the weight of that much quilt will be held in place with this design. Cross your fingers for me!


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  1. Love this idea. I think even I can do this--now to remember to buy some when I go somewhere. Thank you for sharing.


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