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Saturday, September 21, 2013

This quilt was hand appliqued by one of our guild members. I love the sweet fabrics she chose! I think I remember her telling me she will be adding some buttons. I hope she will be sharing it at guild as I would love to see it with the embellishments added.

Oops, I just noticed a little spot in picture #2 that I missed on the left-hand side. I will have to put it back on the frame and add a few circles! Why is it easier to see in pictures the spots missed???

 I had a couple of other quilt pictures to share, a red, white, and blue boat quilt and also a black and white boat quilt, but the photos got lost on my camera card before I got them saved to my computer. It may be time for a new camera card!

The weather is beautiful and cool today, which is perfect as I have a big quilt for my husband's cousin to load and get started on. It's a yummy-colored batik quilt.


  1. very nice Bonnie! oh...don't you just feel cross eyed when you finish all this detail??...and then to find what you noticed in #2? aahhh...ugh!!
    love your work!! ~k

  2. Beautiful! I have been looking for something to use with pebbles as a filler - I might have to try this! This looks great!


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