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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I quilted this weekend for two hours, the first time since I had my trigger finger release. It was so disappointing, and painful after the first 15 minutes. Here I thought this was a simple procedure and a quick recovery??? But, no, it's taking longer than I ever dreamt. I'm hopeful physical therapy can explain to me Tuesday WHY? It's hard not to be frustrated. I have a few quilts that I'd like to get going on and like to be in charge of my life. I've been thinking of putting a practice piece on the frame and trying to get back into the swing of long arming on something that doesn't matter so I don't worry about messing up. My goal is two hours a day for three days. It could be I just need to work at this like working in physical therapy???

So after my pout Saturday (who am I kidding? I was still pouting Sunday), I hid out in my sewing room and made this cute little bird house block to go in the summer swap quilt I mentioned in an earlier blog post. Funny, I am not a coordinated person at all, but I'm actually very good at using a rotary cutter with my left hand, mostly because I'm lazy and never put my fabric in the right direction to cut, so for years I have been a lefty when it comes to the rotary cutter. It felt really uplifting to sew and get out of my bad mood.

If you would like to make a block like this, too, check out Craftsy. It was a free pattern and so cute!

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