Bed Base Quilts & Layering

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I recently saw a picture on the internet from a quilter who has a "bed base" quilt onto which she layers smaller quilts for display -- quilts that wouldn't fit her king size bed. I love that idea! I flipped my bed quilt over and did just that but I need to find a better "display" quilt though. I have one in progress that I think would look great with my dark blue painted walls. Gotta find some time to finish it!

Oh, good news for me today! I quilted for three hours this morning and had CONTROL, barely noticed my hand was bothering me, and could actually use a ruler with coordination. Progress. I love it!


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  2. Sorry 'bout that - my post went under "Blogger", but I don't have one of those accounts, just the email. So I tried to correct it :?/ I just wanted to say how pretty that layout is, and such a neat way to display many of our smaller works in a very flattering way! Yours looks so nice!


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