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Friday, June 21, 2013

This is my flower art wall quilt from Lynn Ann Majidimehr's "Flower Show Quilts" book. Thimble Towne offered a class last year ... or was it the year before? I don't remember but it could have been a while as I'm not known for fast finishes of my own projects! This is a raw-edge fusible applique quilt.

For this quilt I used two battings, W&N for the bottom layer and wool on top. The threads were Superior's Rainbows, Isacord, and Glide prewounds in the bobbin.

I used MistyFuse for the fusible applique, and by the time I got around to quilting the project, quite a few of my little applique flowers had started coming up. Therefore, all the little circles around the flower edges were quilted with one hand so I could hold the flowers in place on the quilt with the other. MistyFuse is supposed to keep your needle from gumming up, and my needle didn't gum up, but the next time I'm going to use Steam a Seam Lite 2 instead.

I kept the quilting light on the sunflower petals and all the greenery to let the batting provide some texture. And I densely quilted the background for even more, hoping to add some interest to the whole quilt.

Initially it was my plan to leave the middle of the sunflowers unquilted and puffy and add beads after the quilting was done, but it would have been too much open space left unquilted that would later sag while hanging on the wall, so I opted to quilt small circles. I wish I had used a more contrasting thread to see the circles better. I'm still thinking of beading them!

I circled the outer edges of the pink, purple, and blue flowers, intending for their petals to pop and they kinda look like little stuffed raviolis! Maybe some beading will look nice in their centers, too?

Lynn's "Flower Show Quilts" book has about 10 different flower quilt patterns, each with a different fun pieced background. If you are interested in her book, check it out at Amazon where you can "look inside!"

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  1. Gorgeous Bonnie - love the background fill too - what great texture! I need to look for a pattern for this, I would love to make it!! SO pretty!


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