Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Thursday, June 20, 2013

If you were expecting to see a picture of a Double Wedding Ring Quilt, I wish I had one to share! It seems that is the one quilt pattern that I cannot to get to fruition. And it's not for lack of tools ...

My first attempt at a DWR was using Sharlene Jorgensen's/Omnigrid's Double Wedding Ring templates. I was able piece all the little pieces, but they didn't quite "fit." My 1/4 inch needed some work!

Next came the templates from Marti Michell. Of course, THAT didn't solve the problem either. I STILL couldn't get the hang of it and my 1/4 inch still wasn't the greatest.

Maybe paper piecing was the way to go? Yep, you guessed it. That wasn't it either. My problem now seems to be getting the block unit connected in rows.

And after hours and hours of paper piecing, it all went into a box and was stuffed into the closet for a few years.

Then came the Accuquilt Double Wedding Ring template. I was sure this would give me more accurate cuts and that would motivate me to learn how to piece the units into rows. But no, that didn't help.

And then Jenny Pedigo announced on her blog that she was working on a DWR type pattern using her ruler.
Since I already had Jenny's ruler and found it easy to use, I knew this possibility could actually WORK for me because her patterns are so forgiving and easy, even though they may look difficult. I couldn't wait for her pattern and decided to try to make my own. I did okay but Jenny is really good at writing patterns and I knew it would be worth the wait. Here's my first attempt at Jenny's style of DWR, before her pattern came out.

The block went together really easily but I knew if I set it aside, I would never get the same size again because I hadn't written anything down, so I waited patiently for Jenny's pattern. And finally it was available for purchase! But I couldn't settle for just her Metro Rings.

Once I get my art quilt finished, I'm going to play with Metro Rings and finally make a DWR quilt. I'm so jazzed! If you have the same problem with making a DWR quilt, you may want to check out Jenny's pattern at her website! Her patterns beautifully illustrated and written, well worth the investment, I think!

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