Phyllis' Wild Flowers Quilt

Monday, May 20, 2013

My camera and lighting don't do this quilt justice. This is Phyllis' beautiful Wild Flowers Quilt. She told me the story of how she and her sister picked the beautiful batiks and how Jeremy at Thimble Towne helped with the border fabric. And also the story of the upside down block that she noticed after piecing the whole quilt together. I think this has happened to the best of us!

I quilted a small stipple, matching the thread with the background fabrics. There are 16 different thread colors in this quilt and lots of stitching in the ditch. We went with two battings, Quilter's Dream Cotton Select and Quilter's Dream Wool, to achieve the popping effect.
I love to see the back :)
 (above) This is the first row, quilted. I started out quilting the inner border using my new cross-hatch triangle ruler but I realized that the cross-hatching wasn't going to have even spacing. I ended up frogging and re-quilting the cross-hatched border after finishing the rest of the quilt. I love the idea behind the triangle cross-hatch ruler but it seems I need to learn how to use it properly.

Phyllis asked me if I SID each block and border/sashing, and in this quilt, I did. Above is a picture of what the quilt looked like when I advanced to get to the next row. A bit messy, yes? I float my quilt tops and batting, and with the two battings, there's a bit to tame and line up. Below, is what the quilt looks like after smoothing the two battings and aligning the quilt top with the marks on my belly bar. Then I SID each block to keep everything as straight as possible and set out to stipple each block.

(above) This is Phyllis' favorite block. I agreed but Phyllis told me it was hers and I had to pick another. Too funny! LOL

I laid the quilt out last night in anticipation of Phyllis picking it up today. It's funny that after all the hours spent quilting a quilt, be it custom such as this or an edge-to-edge design such as a pantograph, I never tire of sneaking a peak, finding a reason to walk by, or stopping what I'm doing just to admire the beauty of a quilt finished.

Phyllis picked up her quilt this morning. With tears in her eyes and goosebumps up and down her arms, she declared she loved it. Me, too, Phyllis! It was hard to let it go home.


  1. Beautiful!! The stitch in the ditch really makes a huge difference, especially if there are areas that will remain unquilted. This looks so beautiful!


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