So Fine #40 Variegated Thread vs. Rainbow

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The quilt pictured below is my first time using Superior's So Fine #40 variegated thread. Isn't it pretty? The panto is called Bloomin Stars by Beany Girls (it's a pretty dense design).

I love the way So Fine's variegated thread looks, especially on this plain fabric. It looks a bit like a cotton thread and has no shine. But this thread is a big lint producer and lint is a four-letter word for longarm quilters!

Below is another quilt I quilted recently with Superior's Rainbow (color is Montego Bay). The Rainbow thread is a polyester thread that has a shine, which I love. And I love the way this quilt turned out with the Rainbow thread. The panto is "Tickle" by ... OMG it is by Beany Girls too!
There was no lint with this thread but I did have to slow my quilting speed down to avoid breaking the top thread, and some pantos are a little harder to follow when quilting at a snail's pace.

So the dilemma is this: Do I want to deal with LINT or do I want to deal with quilting SLOW (notice they are both four-letter words?)? And why can't I have the best of both worlds??

P.S. Another quilt I just finished, yet to be photo'd, is done up in a panto called Garden Frills by Beany Girls. I'm declaring April the month of Beany Girls :)


  1. I feel your PAIN (another four letter word!) I love using Fil-tec Glide as it has no lint, but sometimes the quilt just calls for something with a matted finish - I just finished a quilt using 100% cotton thread and warm % natural batting - talk about LINT! But, it was using Garden Frills - and it turned out very nice! Have you ever tried Aurifil Variegated threads - they are beautiful!

    Your quilting is beautiful! Have a great day! Bev


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